Clean and safe environments

Without the right cleaning and hygiene practices, you’re putting your business at risk. Our experience will assist you to match the right equipment to your application, taking into consideration:

Surfaces and production equipment; for example, excessive pressure can lead to bearing degradation

Correct temperature required for optimum cleaning, for example 60-70°C where proteins are present.

Solutions provided include:

  • Boosted pressure systems of around 25 bar
  • Mobile and stationary high pressure cleaning systems
  • Sweeper and scrubbers for dry good stores
  • Scrubbers and vacuums for workshop use.

Application Focus: Food Production

Cleaning food production facilities for optimum hygiene requires the use of a 3 step process using boosted pressure of around 25 bar:

  • Foam
  • Rinse
  • Sanitise

Using boosted pressure will significantly lower your total cost to clean over traditional high volume wash down hoses by:

  • Reducing your cost to buy, treat and dispose of water
  • Reduce cleaning time with tried and tested processes and patented nozzle technology
  • Lower your production equipment maintenance costs through the use of mid pressure vs high pressure

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