Jetwave Hurricane Lite Trailer (4400-33) cold water petrol pressure cleaner


A decisive step into the future of water jetting technology with a product categorically developed for a mid-tier domestic /commercial pipe cleaning professional. JetHydro dramatically improves and revolutionises the most significant aspects of a water jetting machine, and the overall experience. It introduces innovative never seen before technology and capability on a jetting systems. The best performance, technology integration and life protection ever in such machinery. A range of endless mounting possibilities. Unified, smart LED digital display with unit protection parameters.

Available in: 5075 PSI | 36.4 L/PM version too.

World first LCD back-lit screen provides integrated operator control, monitoring and protection.

Top lift / Tie Down Engineered certified top lifting facility for job site and ease of mobility. EFI Engine Oversized Cutting Edge Stationary Engine with EFI Technology from a global manufacturer, to assist with putting you ahead of the competition and maximise unit efficiency. Pump, Gearbox and Components The highest quality precision Italian manufactured components with enormous flow and pressure performance for the toughest blockages. IntelliUMS™ Functional easy read LED backlit for unit data and monitoring protection and operator control. Centralised Control Fascia Panel All unit controls ergonomically placed front facing for maximum mounting versatility and operator comfort. Frame Structure Modular and compact precision CNC design incorporating provision for mounting kits. Safety Valve Compliant and set valve to prevent pressure spikes and damage to the pump. Water tank High quality stainless-steel, sturdy and large capacity with a high flow float valve system. Detachable for water cartage tank feed / larger capacity. Anti-vibration system Exclusive to JetHydro this boasts life expectancy and ensures a longer, quieter unit performance. High/Low Pressure Outlets External panel mounted for plug+play connection for multi-configuration.

Pressure (psi)
Volume max. (l/min)
200L / 750KG RATING
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
VANGUARD Briggs & Stratton
Pump speed (RPM)
1450, gearbox drive
Standard Accessories
Gun, 15m High Pressure Hose, twin lance
Warranty (years)
2 machine and coil, 3 engine