Karcher B60 W Bp Dose floor scrubber/dryer

SKU: ZY-B60 W Bp Dose

Walk-behind scrubber-drier B 60 W Bp. With brush head and disc brushes, adjustable brush contact pressure, 65 cm working width, maintenance-free battery (24 V, 180 Ah), travel drive and KIK key system to protect against incorrect operation. In addition: eco! Efficiency level for longer battery life, tank flushing system for autom. and splash-free cleaning of the dirty water tank, auto-fill function for convenient water tank filling and detergent dosing can for direct dosing from the RM container.

Four batteries to choose from. Battery types: maintenance-free 105 Ah (C5), maintenance-free 170 Ah (C5) with fleece technology, maintenance-free or low-maintenance 180 Ah (C5). The charging curve of the built-in charger is perfectly matched to the different battery types. to prolong battery life.
Convenient auto-fill function. Time-saving fresh water tank filling. The filling via the fresh water hose stops automatically as soon as the tank is full.
Brush head with disc technology. Different working widths from 51 to 65 cm available. Brushes can be changed easily in seconds: the brush is disengaged using the foot pedal, engaging by lowering the machine or by clipping it in by hand.

Scrub Path (mm)
Solution/Recovery tank (L)
Operating weight (kg)
Standard brush
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
1296 x 600 x 1154
Power Source
24V maintenance free, onboard charger
Warranty (years)