Karcher BR 45/22 C floor scrubber/dryer

SKU: ZY-BR 45/22 C

State-of-the-art features enable you to clean large and at the same time heavily covered areas quickly and efficiently with our battery-operated BR 45/22 C Bp Pack scrubber-drier. Thanks to its cylindrical brush head with KART technology (Kärcher Advanced Response Technology), which can be rotated 200 degrees in both directions, it is unusually manoeuvrable for a machine with a large working width. In addition, the permanent cross position of the brush and suction bar to the direction of travel increases the area coverage and ensures a uniform cleaning pattern. The standard microfiber roller combines the advantages of roller technology with the excellent cleaning properties of very fine fibers and thus enables very good results on a wide variety of floors.

Brush head rotatable by +/- 200 ° with KART technology
  • Ensures extreme maneuverability. Ideal for heavily overgrown areas and cornering.
Powerful lithium-ion battery
  • Completely maintenance-free and up to 3 times longer service life compared to conventional batteries.
Energy-saving eco! Efficiency level
  • Reduces energy consumption and extends the battery life by up to 50 percent.
Compact device design
  • Enables walls to be driven away at a 90 ° angle.
Very light weight
  • Around 35 percent lighter than comparable devices on the market.
Foldable handlebar
  • Allows space-saving storage.
Height-adjustable handlebar
  • Ergonomically optimally adjustable to different operator sizes.
Powerful built-in charger
  • The battery can be charged at any time.
Proven roller technology
  • High contact pressure to remove stubborn dirt.
Standard microfiber roller
  • Extremely fine and hard-wearing plastic fibers enable the best cleaning results.

Scrub Path (mm)
Solution/Recovery tank (L)
Operating weight (kg)
Standard brush
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
970 x 530 x 1115
Power Source
25.2 V lithium-ion battery
Warranty (years)