SKU: ZY-HD 5/12 CX Plus

Karcher HD 5/12 CX Plus 240V 10A Cold Pressure Cleaner

The compact, lightweight and versatile HD 5/12 CX Plus cold water high-pressure cleaner offers outstanding mobility and is suitable for both vertical and horizontal operation. The machine is fitted with sophisticated accessory storage, and the brass cylinder head and automatic pressure relief ensure a long service life.

1520121_HD512CX_handle_up_det_14_300 dpi (jpg)
Equipped with a hose reel for ease of use. Pull handle retracts with the push of a button.
1520120_HD512CX_power_switch_det_35_300 dpi (jpg)
All user controls are highlighted in yellow, making training of operators simple. The large on/off switch can be operated using gloves.
1520120_HD512CX_accessory_storage_det_36_300 dpi (jpg)
Design includes storage for all accessories to ensure easy transportation and tidy storage.
Pressure (psi)
Volume max. (l/min)
Max Inlet Temp (Celcius)
Power source (V/Amp)
Pump speed (RPM)
Standard Accessories
Integrated pressure hose reel, EASY! Force Gun , 15m High Pressure Hose, 840mm lance, Dirtblaster , triple nozzle
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
380 x 370 x 930
Weight (kg)
Warranty (years)