Karcher IVC 60/24-2 Tact² M Industrial vacuum cleaner

SKU: ZY-IVC 60/24-2 Tact² M

The IVC 60/24-2 Tact² M is a compact industrial vacuum cleaner with large wheels and braking rollers. This highly manoeuvrable machine is ideal for cleaning production machines and areas. This vacuum cleaner is also approved for health-endangering dusts, dust class M. The Tact² automatic filter cleaning system ensures long periods of uninterrupted use.

Automatic Filter Cleaning System Tact² Filter designed to allow uninterrupted use with constant high suction power. The filter cleans itself with powerful blasts of air. This automatic process guarantees constantly high suction power. Further benefits: low maintenance costs, long filter service life.
Two blower motors Two blowers for powerful cleaning action. The motors are electronically controlled, which avoids high starting currents.
Waste container with set-down mechanism The waste container with set-down mechanism ensures ergonomic emptying, even when the vacuumed waste is heavy.

Input (Volts)
Rated Power (Watts)
Airflow (l/s/m³/h)
Sound pressure level (dBA)
Capacity (L)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
970 x 690 x 995
Warranty (years)