Nilfisk Food Hybrid boosted pressure satellite

SKU: ZN-boosted pressure satellite
Built with durability and service in mind. Quality you can count on.
Choose between accessory set with ball valve or trigger gun.
Colour coded jerry cans for quality control of detergent use.

Nilfisk FOOD Hybrid medium pressure satellite employs new technology to make rinsing, foam cleaning and disinfection more effective and efficient.  Thanks to the smart construction, this satellite can run at up to  40 bar in rinse mode. The functional, hygienic design ensures usability and our DuoFoamTechnology sets new safety standards with its unique injector block enabling three cleaning compounds on one unit. The satellite is highly flexible and can be customized and upgraded with different kits. The Hybrid medium pressure satellite is engineered to run and meet even the most demanding needs and requirements. Available with one or two outlets, up to 3 products with foam and optional chemical regulation.

Number of products
up to 3
Min. inlet pressure (bar)
Max. inlet pressure (bar)
Max. water temperature (deg. celsius)
Min. pressure air supply (bar)
Max. pressure air supply (bar)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
530 x 400 x 140