Nilfisk Food Mainstation Hybrid boosted pressure hygiene solution

SKU: ZN-Mainstation
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Choose between accessory set with ball valve or trigger gun.
Colour coded jerry cans for quality control of detergent use.

Nilfisk FOOD Mainstation Hybrid operates in three modes allowing rinsing, foaming and disinfecting of the cleaning areas. Integrated in the block the patented Corona Technology injects air into the water stream over a bigger surface and at a higher speed, resulting in better mix of air, compound and water that generates approx. 20% more foam. Thanks to the integrated water outlet it can be used effectively as a standalone cleaning station, but it can also be equipped with additional satellites allowing max. 4 simultaneous users on one unit. The Hybrid main station is smart and self-protecting as it has an integrated dry run protection and automatic turn-off mode, after a specific periof  of inactivity (that is defined and programmed by the customer). The unit is also energy efficient thanks to the configuration possibility of the water pump.

Number of products
Pump Pressure (Bar)
Min. inlet pressure
2 bar @ 120 l/min
Max. inlet pressure
8 bar 
Operational flow range 
10-120 l/min
Min. pressure air supply
6 bar
Max. pressure air supply
10 bar
Sound level (dB)
Below 70
IP class
Power consumption (kw)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
1310 x 560 x 400