Nilfisk Food Naga tap pressure hygiene solution

SKU: ZN-Naga tap

The Nilfisk FOOD Naga is developed with the utmost focus on reliability and effectiveness; therefore it is built from the highest quality stainless steel components and the injectors are protected from the negative effects of hard water.

Naga hygiene station responds to the needs of food processing plants within the Retail, Institutional and QSR markets, who demand a reliable and smart cleaning solution that delivers effective and consistent cleaning results, is easy to operate, reduces production downtime and is cost effective.
Naga accessory kit

Number of products
Min. inlet pressure 
2 bar @ 5,1 l/min
Max. inlet pressure
6 bar 
Max. water temperature (degrees celsius)
water consumption – foaming
5,2 l/min @ 3 bar
water consumption – spraying
5,2 l/min @ 3 bar
water consumption – rinsing
12,6 l/min @ 3 bar
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
175 x 200 x 100