Nilfisk VP600 cannister vacuum


The Nilfisk VP600 has a modular design allowing flexibility to choose exactly what you need and makes the machine easy to maintain and service for years to come. When a cord is worn out or damaged, it can easily be replaced by a new cord module in no time, providing your business with a machine that need never be out of service.

It is ideal for daytime cleaning in hotels, restaurants, offices and public buildings. HEPA filter is standard to ensure a clean work environment.

Dual power functionality - switch t lower power for rug cleaning or in noise sensitive environments
Detachble power cord for cost effective replacement
Onboard accessory storage

The VP600 vacuum is a platform based, innovative vacuum cleaning solution. It offers great flexibility and a wide range of features to choose from. Select the model that exactly fits your cleaning needs. Choose the cord solution that suits you and enjoy the user friendly design with smart parking of accessories for better ergonomics.

  • Reddot award winning design
  • Best in class sound level
  • Power boost function for optimised cleaning performance
  • With detachable cord
  • Best in class sound quality
  • HEPA exhaust filter as standard
  • Magnetic closing of dust compartment
  • One year commercial warranty

Input (Volts)
Rated Power (Watts)
Airflow (L/min)
Sound pressure level (dBA)
Capacity (L)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
480 x 300 x 270
Warranty (years)