Find the ideal machines for your cleaning requirements.


Providing customers with the best service is what you do, and setting yourself apart you’re your competitors is crucial for customer retention. We know that perception counts for a lot in automotive, and cleanliness and safety are paramount, as our customers have been telling us for years.

Contract Cleaners

Your customers depend on you to create a safe and sanitary environment in their facility. We have the experience to provide you with the right equipment and the in-field service to back this up.


Providing clean and safe street-scapes is what you do. We provide you with the solutions to clean your malls, footpaths, facilities and facades including ultra-quiet solutions for night cleaning in residential zones or amongst shoppers during peak shopping times.

Earthmoving & Construction

We understand that your industry demands a lot from your cleaning equipment and that keeping your trucks and earthmoving equipment clean improves reliability and allows you to meet your customers’ deadlines.


Without the right cleaning and hygiene practices, you’re putting your business at risk. Our experience will assist you to match the right equipment to your application, taking into consideration:

Surfaces and production equipment; for example, excessive pressure can lead to bearing degradation.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Safety first. The link between cleanliness and safety isn’t new. We work with thousands of manufacturers and warehousing clients to ensure that they have the most efficient and well maintained equipment to maximise safe operation and to ensure that their facility operates with maximum up-time.

Truck & Transport

Keeping your trucks, trailers and buses clean reduces maintenance and maintains your image. Whether you’re looking for an off the shelf solution or a custom built wash bay, we have the experience to recommend the right equipment to lower your cost of ownership and keep your equipment working.