Clean and safe environments

Safety first. The link between cleanliness and safety isn’t new. We work with thousands of manufacturers and warehousing clients to ensure that they have the most efficient and well maintained equipment to maximise safe operation and to ensure that their facility operates with maximum up-time. We provide the following solutions:

  • Floor sweepers, scrubbers or combination sweeper/scrubbers for one pass cleaning
  • Vacuum solutions for waste removal or conveying product
  • Pressure cleaners for intensive manufacturing applications

Application focus: Warehouse Cleaning

Safety is paramount, so cleaning up spills is essential in order to protect your employees.

We help customers neutralise floor related safety issues and provide the right environment for their teams and inventory. Often applications demand the need to sweep first prior to scrubbing, so we’ll help you with selecting between a two step process, the use of a cylindrical scrubber with debris catch tray, or the use of  true combination sweeper scrubber.

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