Maintain your image and safety

Providing customers with the best service is what you do, and setting yourself apart you’re your competitors is crucial for customer retention. We know that perception counts for a lot in automotive, and cleanliness and safety are paramount, as our customers have been telling us for years.

No matter what your need is in automotive, we have your solution. We rent, sell, service and hire in the following applications:

  • High pressure cleaners and vacuum solutions for wash bays
  • Mobile, vehicle mounted high pressure cleaners for yard wash down
  • Floor scrubbers and sweepers for workshop and yard maintenance
  • Scrubbers and polishers for showroom floor maintenance
  • Hire scrubbers and sweepers for periodic yard maintenance

Application focus: Workshops

Using an apprentice to broom sweep or mop your workshop floor might at first thought be a good idea, but when you consider the following, like many of our customers, you should consider using battery powered cleaning equipment instead:

The opportunity cost of redeploying a paid employee to manual cleaning when they could be working on chargeable jobs will pay for your cleaning equipment in no time.Spills can be dealt with quickly and easily, saving time and maximising safety.

Mopping a floor leaves dirt and residue behind as the mop is continually rinsed in dirty water. Furthermore, a floor scrubber will leave the floor dry, making it safe and ready for use immediately.

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