Clean and safe environments

Your customers depend on you to create a safe and sanitary environment in their facility. We have the experience to provide you with the right equipment and the in-field service to back this up. Unlike alternative suppliers, equipment is our focus. We service, sell and hire in the following applications:

  • High pressure cleaners including trailer mount solutions for outdoor areas
  • Vacuum solutions
  • Floor scrubbers, both walk behind and ride-on for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Urban litter vacuums for ultra-quiet litter removal in high pedestrian areas

Application focus: Outdoor Cleaning

We’ve been supplying councils and contractors across Sydney with the Glutton Urban Litter Vacuum, designed to vacuum up litter and leaves from high traffic pedestrian areas without creating any undesirable noise.

Battery powered for up to 10 hours of autonomy, the Glutton is capable of vacuuming litter including cigarette butts without disturbing bark in garden beds, general litter including cans and PET bottles and organic litter such as leaves.

Having serviced and sold high pressure cleaners for 26 years, we understand that getting the job done quickly and efficiently is your key requirement. We also understand that labour is and always will be your biggest cost in providing your services.

We provide purpose built self-contained pressure cleaning solutions for many of our contract cleaning customers, whether this be trailer or ute mounted, or autonomous with its own water tank. Fitting of high pressure hose reels adds operational efficiency, results in setup and pack-down efficiency and helps to provide a safe environment for your users and pedestrians.

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