Clean and safe environments

Providing clean and safe street-scapes is what you do. We provide you with the solutions to clean your malls, footpaths, facilities and facades including ultra-quiet solutions for night cleaning in residential zones or amongst shoppers during peak shopping times. No matter what your need is in municipalities, we have your solution. We service, sell and hire in the following applications:

  • High pressure cleaners and vacuum solutions for wash bays
  • Mobile, vehicle mounted high pressure cleaners for streetscape cleansing with solutions as low as dBA
  • Ride-on floor scrubbers for paved footpaths and malls
  • Urban litter vacuums for ultra-quiet litter removal in high pedestrian areas

Application focus: Pedestrian Malls

We’ve been supplying councils across Sydney with the Glutton Urban Litter Vacuum, designed to vacuum up litter and leaves from high traffic pedestrian areas without creating any undesirable noise. Battery powered for up to 10 hours of autonomy, the Glutton is capable of vacuuming litter including cigarette butts without disturbing bark in garden beds, general litter including cans and PET bottles and organic litter such as leaves.

Architects commonly specify paved surfaces which require regular cleaning, however pressure cleaners may do the job slowly and do not collect the waste runoff. Many councils in NSW have selected heavy duty floor scrubbers such as the Nilfisk CS7000 which is able to sweep, apply a cleaning solution, scrub the surface and vacuum the waste in one pass.

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