Solutions provided include:

We understand that your industry demands a lot from your cleaning equipment and that keeping your trucks and earthmoving equipment clean improves reliability and allows you to meet your customers’ deadlines. Time is money, right. Our experience ensures that we support you with best in class products and service to enable you to clean when you need to in the shortest time-frames. 

  • Hot water high pressure cleaners
  • Petrol powered pressure cleaners
  • Petrol or diesel powered pressure cleaners for field use, either truck or trailer mounted. Mobile hot water machines available.
  • Sweepers for site cleaning
  • Scrubbers and vacuums for workshop use.

Application focus – Earthmoving equipment

Hot water high pressure cleaners will in most cases halve the time taken to clean oil and grease from your plant and equipment, so it’s crucial to pick the right machine for each application.

If you’re needing to shift large volumes of mud then you’ll need lots of water flow as well as pressure to save time and produce the best results. It may be that you require a petrol powered cold water pressure cleaner for the field and a hot water pressure cleaner for your workshop. Give us a call today.

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