Glutton H2O Perfect urban litter vacuum


Innovation and performance – discover this revolutionary vacuum cleaner.

Ergonomic and very simple to use, the Glutton® H₂O Perfect® electric urban waste vacuum cleaner allows street cleaning operatives to easily clean up dog messpigeon droppings and all kinds of dirt encrusted on pavements, underneath public benches, on street bins, etc. The machine is compact, silent and eco-friendly, and will revolutionise street cleaning in your city or in your industrial site.

On-board medium-pressure washer:

Water storage capacity 16 litres.

  • A pump/filter/pressure switch assembly.
  • An adjustable, ergonomic, medium-pressure water jet with hose.
  • After activating the pump on the dashboard, the user presses the trigger on the water jet and the pump starts automatically.

  • Equipped with a medium-pressure cleaner and 16 litres of water, the 100% ecological Glutton® H2O Perfect® street vacuum cleaner picks up waste from the smallest recesses around town:
  • kerbs,
  • pavements,
  • streets,
  • alleyways,
  • town squares,
  • tree grilles,
  • public benches,
  • playgrounds,
  • street furniture.

Power source
100% Electric
Motor (V/W)
48 / 1500 , gel batteries
Battery life from full charge
8-16 hours
Sound pressure level (dBA)
66 (Near silent)
Water pressure level
Water tank capacity (L)
Dust filter surface area
24 metres squared
Carbon fibre pipe diameter
Bin capacity (L)
Gal. steel
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
1950 x 795 x 1700
Warranty (years)
2 machine , 1 batteries