Karcher BVL 5/1 Bp vacuum cleaner

SKU: ZY -BVL 5/1 Bp

The ultra-light, powerful and battery powered backpack vacuum BVL 5/1 Bp is the first vacuum cleaner which, thanks to the innovative EPP material, weighs only < 4.6 kg (carrying weight on the back) and whose material properties simultaneously enable particular robustness and durability. With an output of 500 watts, a long battery running time and a 5-litre container, the backpack vacuum cleaner is the first choice anywhere that narrow spaces make cleaning tasks difficult – whether in the cinema, in a plane, in buses and trains, for office cleaning or on stairs. The ergonomic carrying frame and sophisticated operation, with all important operating and additional functions controlled via a control panel on the waist strap, as well as easy handling with separate designs for right-handed and left-handed people, ensure convenient, effortless work. The brushless EC drive is also extremely resistant to wear and tear. Various accessories are supplied alongside. A HEPA-14 filter is also optionally available. Please bear in mind when ordering that for this machine version the powerful Kärcher Battery Power+ battery and the compatible battery charger must be ordered separately.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 50 cm
Manufactured from extremely light, innovative EPP (expanded polypropylene). Enables ergonomic work. Allows effortless transport.
Highly innovative EPP (expanded polypropylene) Especially robust and extremely long-lasting. Ultra-light. Extremely eco-friendly, as it is 100 per cent recyclable.
Great ergonomics

Ultra-light and extremely robust thanks to innovative EPP material: The powerful and long-lasting cordless backpack vacuum BVL 5/1 Bp from Kärcher for cleaning tasks in the narrowest of spaces.

Input (Volts)
Battery Power+ 18/30
Rated Power (Watts)
Airflow (L/sec)
Sound pressure level (dBA)
Capacity (L)
Weight (kg)
5 kg – Incl. battery
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
220 × 320 × 510
Warranty (years)