Karcher HD 4/8 Classic Pressure Washer

SKU: ZY-HD 4/8 Classic

With its compact size, low weight, retractable pull handle and robust wheels, the HD 4/8 Classic high-pressure cleaner has an especially ergonomic design and is very easy to transport. Thanks to a working pressure of 80 bar and an hourly water volume of 400 litres, it is thus the ideal companion for tradesmen and for diverse applications, for example in the building industry or for occasional vehicle cleaning. The HD 4/8 Classic has a reliable three-piston axial pump, an induction motor and automatic pressure relief that effectively protects all hydraulic components and thus contributes to significantly minimising costs for repairs and maintenance. Furthermore, the pressure relief system reduces the traction force on the trigger gun, thus allowing long, fatigue-free periods of work with this extremely easy-to-use machine.

Extendible handle for convenient transport over short distances
Easy access ports
The automatic pressure relief protects the components

Mobile and compact HD 4/8 Classic high-pressure cleaner with reliable three-piston axial pump, automatic pressure relief, retractable pull handle and robust wheels.  

Feed Pressure (Bar/MPa)
Volume max. (l/min)
Operating pressure bar / MPa
Power rating (Kilowatt)
Max. inlet temperature C
Operating pressure (max.) bar / MPa
Power cord (Metre)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (L × W × H)
350 x 330 x 880