Karcher NT 22/1 Ap Bp wet and dry vacuum

SKU: ZY-NT 22/1 Ap Bp

Developed for vacuuming liquids, coarse dirt and fine dust, our battery powered wet and dry vacuum cleaner NT 22/1 Ap Bp impresses with its high suction power in places where there is no external power supply available. The machine is designed for operation with powerful Kärcher Battery Power+ batteries, which, similar to the compatible battery charger, are not included in the scope of delivery, but must be purchased separately. Our batteries permit very long runtimes of the vacuum cleaner and are effectively protected against external factors with a cover in the machine. The compact dimensions and the low weight of the NT 22/1 Ap Bp facilitate transport and placement and also make possible applications in confined spaces and in heavily frequented areas. For this, the versatile machine is equipped with a space-saving flat pleated filter and an electronic water deactivation. The special flat design of the machine head can also be used to set down tools or boxes

Powerful 36 V Kärcher Battery Power+- battery with 7.5 Ah capacity Ensures a long runtime of 31 minutes at full suction power.
Effective protection cover for the battery bay Protects the battery from dirt and moisture. With viewing window.
Semi-automatic filter cleaning Semi-automatic filter cleaning guarantees constantly high suction power. The positioning of the Ap cleaning button simplifies handling.

Compact and versatile battery powered wet and dry vacuum cleaner NT 22/1 Ap Bp for demanding wet and dry applications at locations without an external power supply. With space-saving flat pleated filter.

Input (Volts)
36 V battery platform
Rated Power (Watts)
Airflow (L/sec)
Sound pressure level (dBA)
Capacity (L)
Weight (kg)
Battery charge time (Minute)
58 / 81
Warranty (years)