Karcher VehiclePro Prewash RM 803 Classic RM 803 Classic, 20Litre

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Fast-acting and gentle VehiclePro PreWash RM 803 Classic for use in vehicle wash systems and at self-service washing stations. The powerful pre-cleaning agent can be used for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles and is effective in any temperature range. This is because it attacks grease, oil, insects and dirt caused by emissions by making the dirt expand, which in turn loosens the dirt and significantly improves the cleaning result of the subsequent cleaning steps, no matter how hard or soft the water is. The surfactants in the formula are biodegradable as defined by EEC 648/2004. RM 803 also quickly separates oil and water in the oil separator.

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Weight 15 kg

Effective pre-spraying agent for prewashing cars and commercial vehicles ■ Expands and reliably loosens grease, oil, dirt caused by emissions, and insects ■ This means the cleaning result of subsequent cleaning steps is significantly improved ■ Cleaning action in all temperature ranges ■ Rapidly effective ■ Gentle on materials ■ Tensides biodegradable in accordance with EEC 648/2004 ■ Quick oil and water separation in the oil separator (easily separable=asf) ■ NTA-free  

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260 x 237 x 430