Kerrick Stationary EI1511STAR240 1500PSI Automatic Electric Pressure Washer

SKU: ZN- EI1511STAR240
  • Compact, industrial high pressure washers designed specifically for the Australian market, including car washes.
  • Single or double-stacked the units
  • Thermal protection valve
  • Swivel Gun and Lance  with a 10m 3/8 inch Double Braided Hose
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Delay stop and restart
  • One year commercial warranty

The 230 Volt single phase Kerrick stationary automatic electric powered pressure washer for washdown bays, has a heavy duty, slow revving, 1440 RPM motor, that  drives a heavy duty brass pump with ceramic pistons and an unloader valve that is enclosed in a Zinc plated box frame for wall or stack mounted. The photo shows a double-stacked unit, however, the item is sold as a single module, which may be connected together. Gun and high pressure hose and lances can all be chosen to customise the wash down area to the users specific requirements.

Pump speed
Volume max. (l/min)
Power source (V)
Power consumption kw  2.2
Standard Accessories
Gun,  High Pressure Hose, lance
Hose legth(m)
Pump Pressure(psi)
Warranty (years)