Kranzle HD 7/122 TS Cold Pressure Cleaner

SKU: ZP-HD 7/122TS

A single phase pressure cleaner, ideal for farmers, vehicle washing, path cleaning and more. Has a slow running, quiet 1400rpm motor pump for long life. Plus this package comes complete with gun, hose and ‘Dirtkiller’ nozzle, to minimise your cleaning time .

The most professional machine of its class due to a super quiet slow running motor (1400 rpm). Extremely handy and compact design. Features brass pump head and stainless steel valves for maximum pump life and soft start system. This unit features a stainless steel frame and handle for durability and long-life.

Equipped with a large and easy to read stainless steel, glycerine dampened quality pressure gauge.
Machine performance can be matched exactly to cleaning needs through adjustment of the waterflow/pressure regulator.
Leakage return system creates a cushion of water between the high pressure seals, thereby ensuring that any air sucked into the pump does not reach the pump chamber. This considerably increases the pump’s service life.

Pressure (psi)
Volume max. (l/min)
Max Inlet Temp (Celcius)
Power source (V/Amp)
Pump speed (RPM)
Standard Accessories
Gun, 10m High Pressure Hose, single lance and Dirtkiller (turbo) lance
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
440 x 220 x 330
Weight (kg)
Warranty (years)
2 on machine, 10 on pump head