Viper AS6690T Mid-sized Walk Behind Scrubber


When hard flooring needs a bit of extra effort to get the best results, the Viper AS series is ready to make the difference, with dual-brush or orbital-deck models for applications ranging from heavy-duty scrubbing to surface-stripping.

Easy operation, high tank capacity, and the resource-efficiency needed to get the job done quickly and effectively, make the intuitive AS models an ideal match for cleaning programs that need consistent results across medium- and large-sized spaces.

Brush's with skirt
Dual brush's

  • Adjustable brush-pressure settings make it easy to handle all kinds and levels of dirt
  • Solution-flow management ensures optimal control of detergent dosage
  • Eco and Silent modes make it easy to clean over longer periods or in sound-sensitive areas
  • Easy access to solution tank, battery, and working components, with tool-free squeegee-blade removal
  • Convenient controls and LCD display for fast, effective training and operation

Scrub Path (mm)
Solution/Recovery tank (L)
Operating weight (kg)
Squeegee Width (mm)
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
1490 x 730 x 1020
Maximum Brush Pressure (kg)
Warranty (years)