Karcher Chariot 3 iExtract 26 DUO Stand-on Carpet Extractor

SKU: ZY - Chariot 3 iExtract 26 DUO

Chariot™ 3 iExtract 26 DUO with 36V 3x12V 225 Ah batteries and shelf charger.

he answer for extraction and interim productivity. When you need extraction and interim cleaning productivity for large areas of soft floor, the Chariot™ 3 iExtract 26 DUO is the only answer. Developed from our years of experience as the innovators of the stand-on cleaning segment, this machine brings our interim and extraction cleaning technology to our third generation Chariot™ platform. No other manufacturer comes close to the depth of our line of stand-on cleaning machines. Everything you need to quickly and efficiently clean your carpets is available on this extractor including optional off-aisle attachments for productivity, a reliable gravity-fed solution system and powerful dual-vac motors for maximum water pickup.


Interim/extraction cleaning rate (m²/h)
Cleaning path (mm)
Operating noise (dB(A)
Brush speed (rpm) 
Waterlift (cm)
Solution/recovery tank (L)
Voltage (v)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
 1300.5 x 640 x 1290