Karcher SGV 8/5 steam vacuum cleaner

SKU: ZY- SGV 8/5

If the task is to hygienically remove stubborn dirt, the correct answer is: Kärcher SGV steam vacuum cleaner.
In many cases, a first-class cleaning result can be achieved even without cleaning agents. On hard floors as well as on stainless steel surfaces, fittings, kitchen appliances, industrial plants and in glass cleaning. The SGV 8/5 is breaking new ground in terms of sustainability. With the innovative self-cleaning function, deposits in the device circuit are reliably removed in the system, thus extending the life of the steam vacuum cleaner.

Hygienically clean down to the smallest detail. With various brush attachments made of brass, stainless steel or Pekalon, dirt that is difficult to remove can also be cleaned. And thanks to the selective steam outlet, joints and angled areas can also be cleaned quickly.
Accessories perfectly integrated. The accessories are carried in a removable accessory basket, protected from loss and contamination. Clearly arranged, always at hand and neatly stowed away.
Thanks to the integrated recessed grip and the practical handle, the dirty water container can be emptied very easily and conveniently.

Heat output (W)
Tank capacity (l)
Cable length (m)
Steam pressure (bar)
Boiler temp (max. °C)
max. 175
Voltage (v)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
640 x 495 x 965