Karcher Puzzi 9/1 Bp Pack

SKU: ZY- Puzzi 9/1 Bp

The only one of its kind in the world, with robust durability and cordless flexibility: Our Puzzi 9/1 Bp cordless spray extraction cleaner. As the only battery powered professional spray extraction machine on the market, this Puzzi never fails to impress with its exceptional performance and maximum freedom of movement when cleaning upholstery and textile areas in any industry, be it hotels or hospitality, vehicle valeting or building cleaning operations. Despite its power, this Puzzi is extremely quiet, making it ideal for use in public areas: plus its ergonomically designed handle means it can easily be carried around one-handed. For best fibre-deep cleaning results, the cleaning solution is pressurised and sprayed deep into the textile fibres, then sucked back up together with the loosened dirt. Supplied as standard: Extra-short upholstery nozzle, spray vacuum hose, 2-in-1 container for fresh water and dirty water, integrated accessory storage and much more. When ordering this machine version, please bear in mind that the powerful 36 V Kärcher Battery Power+ battery and the corresponding fast charger must be ordered separately.

Powerful Kärcher Battery Power+ 36V battery
Durable, robust machine design
Ergonomically designed and extra-short upholstery nozzle

For maximum manoeuvrability when deep cleaning upholstery: the robust Puzzi 9/1 Bp cordless spray extraction cleaner with extra-short upholstery nozzle and much more besides.


Max. area performance (m²/h)
12 / 18
Air flow (l/s)
Vacuum (/kPa)
Spray rate (l/min)
Spray suction hose(m)
Fresh / dirty water tank (l)
9/ 7
Voltage (v)
Weight (kg)
Turbine power rating (Watt)