Karcher SG 4/4 steam cleaner

SKU: ZY- SG 4/4

The SG 4/4 is a compact and robust steam cleaner which, thanks to its 4 bar steam pressure, impresses with excellent cleaning performance and certified disinfection. The stepless steam regulation and the VapoHydro-Function for the stepless regulation of the steam saturation allow a perfect adaptation of the device to the respective cleaning task. The 2-tank system, which heats up quickly, can be filled permanently and thus allows long, uninterrupted work. The device has an integrated temperature display, works completely without chemical additives and can be used universally. The extensive equipment package includes, among other things, 2 floor nozzles (for abrasive and hygienic cleaning), an integrated accessory storage compartment, an integrated cable hook and a holder for pipes for space-saving storage.

Certified and highly effective disinfection. Surface disinfection according to EN 16615 proven by an external laboratory. Spectrum of activity bactericidal and limited virucidal PLUS. Test germs: Enterococcus hirae, MVA, Murines Norovirus, Adenovirus.
Disinfection without chemicals. Resource-saving and residue-free, as only water is used for cleaning. Highest level of security, as the development of multi-resistant germs is prevented. Surface-friendly cleaning without chemicals.
2-tank system. The fresh water tank can be filled permanently as the boiler and tank are separated from each other. Since only part of the total volume is heated, a constant steam pattern is created in no time at all. With a total volume of over 4 liters, the SG 4/4 can be used for a very long time without refilling.

Heat output (W)
Tank capacity (l)
Cable length (m)
Steam pressure (bar)
Boiler temp (max. °C)
max. 145
Voltage (v)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
475 x 320 x 275