Nilfisk Food Booster hygiene solution

SKU: ZN-Booster

The Nilfisk FOOD Hybrid Multi Booster range is a water supply station with 2 to 6 frequency controlled pumps to supply satellites for rinsing, foam cleaning and disinfiction of exterior surfaces in the Food and Beverage industry. The Hybrid Multi Booster range is build on a stainless steel floor frame and supplies satellites for simulaneous operation from 16 to 48 users. It has a variable pressure from 8 to 25 bar and is equipped with features as dry-run protection, temperature monitoring, IR interface, external start/stop signal and I/O ports for external control.

Pump Pressure (Bar)
Min. inlet pressure (Bar)
Max. inlet pressure (Bar)
Operational flow range 
500 (16 user) to 1500 (48 user)
Max. water temperature (degrees celsius)
Sound level (dB)
Below 70
IP class
Power consumption (kw)
22 (16 user) 66 (48 user)