Kranzle Therm 895-1 415V hot water pressure cleaner

SKU: ZP- Therm 895-1

The Kränzle-therm-895-1 is distinguished by its high working pressures 2800psi and  water outputs up to 15 l/min. This design award winner with its all-terrain trolley and technically complete equipment leaves no wishes unfulfilled when it comes to performance and handling. Pictured with optional hose reel.

Digital thermostat with 2 operating modes allows for accurate temperature control within 1°C and therefore reduces fuel consumption by avoiding large fluctuations
Kranzle designed heating chamber with excellent thermal efficiency reduces fuel consumption and emissions. Optical flame monitoring.
German innovation. Safety package includes protection for excessive pressure, lack of water, excess current consumption and temperature overload. Time delay automatic start stop reduces component wear.

Product characteristics:

  • All-terrain chassis
  • Optional: integrated hose reel with folding crank handle
  • 20 m high-pressure hose (with hose reel)
  • 10 m high-pressure hose (without hose reel)
  • Pressure regulation: working pressure infinitely variable
  • Total stop system with delayed motor cut-off
  • Clearly arranged control panel to regulate the water temperature
  • 7.5 m connection cable with cable winder
  • Organisation system
  • Impact protection
  • Safety shut-off
  • Flow monitoring
  • Combustion chamber pre-ventilation
  • Optical flame monitoring system
  • Safety thermostat
  • 4-fold safety system with overload protection
  • Burning stop in case of fuel oil shortage
  • Detergent suction
  • Removable bonnets to protect the mechanical components
  • Parking brake for a secure hold
  • Water inlet filter
  • Operating hours counter

Pressure (psi)
Volume max. (l/min)
Max Temp (Celcius)
Power source (V/Amp)
Pump speed (RPM)
Stainless steel
Standard Accessories
10m hose, gun and single lance
Dimensions (LxWxH)(mm)
Weight (kg)
Warranty (years)
2 on machine. 10 on cylinder head